When you need to know what is underground on your property or building site, we can give you a detailed picture.

Applications for GeoModel Services

GeoModel, Inc. offers the most advanced ground penetrating radar surveys for commercial, industrial, and archaeological sites nationwide to give you a detailed picture of what lays beneath the earth.

We can detect and map utility lines and pipes, cemeteries and unmarked graves, tank and drum locations, sinkholes, geologic hazards, covered brine pits and more. Our concrete and rebar inspections locate rebar, pipes, and conduits in concrete structures. Our scanning can also detect voids within concrete slabs and under concrete slabs.

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) produces an underground, cross-sectional, two-dimensional image scan of the soils and subsurface features.

GeoModel, Inc. is registered with the FCC and uses only FCC-approved GPR equipment.

  • Utility Location
  • Cemetery and Grave Location
  • Tank (UST) and Drum Location
  • Sinkholes
  • Geology and Geologic Hazards
  • Landfills and Burial Trenches
  • Concrete and Rebar Inspection
  • Archaeological Studies
  • Brine Pits

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